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TTL/RS232 to USB/MSD Converters


Nax Technologies offer to the clients with its Nax Converters.


TTL / RS232 to MSD NAX-TTL-MSD/RS232-MSD is a portable storage module and is very user friendly. It is designed for the existing systems where user wants to transfer their data on TTL / RS232 directly to a pen drive. It is a plug and play module which need 5V power supply through berg strips. Users can directly integrate this with their main controller unit or System and transfer existing serial TTL out to MSD.
TTL / RS232 to USB The NAX-RS232-USB Converter module provide a simple and fast method of migrating existing DB9 based connector UART interfaces to USB type connector. This module can be used to upgrade a UART port of a device to an active USB port. This active connector contains all the USB to UART (and vice-versa) conversion electronics and is designed to fit directly into the same PCB footprint as a PC compatible UART DB9 connector.
NAX DRIVE The NAX TTL-MSD module provides an easy solution for adding a USB Flash disk interface to an existing product. Only four signal lines plus 5V supply and ground are required to be connected.
Not only is the NAX TTL-MSD is ideal for evaluation and development, but also its neat enclosure and attractive quantity.

Quantity discount structure makes this module suitable for incorporation into finished product designs. The NAX TTL-MSD is ideal for commercial products such as domestic goods, set top box, etc., as well as industrial products such as data loggers, software upgradable products, etc.

It is able to handle the USB Host Interface, and data transfer functions. It provides a new cost effective solution for providing USB Host capability into products that previously did not have the hardware resources.